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December 12, 2007

Flex Word Processor Beats Big Lague

The list of online players that offer office software is getting very long, from Google (Google Pack), Sun OpenOffice, IBM’s latest Lotus based and bunch of other startups such as Sohu. The goal is all the same, challenging Microsoft’s domination on the office space, while Microsoft starts defending the turf with office live products. Now, seems Adobe determined to join the big league too, with the purchase of the well hyped Flex based web word processor, Buzzword. I tried Buzzword and LOVE IT!

Simplicity and fully functional are the two major factors that make Buzzword a winner. Registration is extremely easier, even without email verification you can immediately start using it. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use it straight out of box without any learning or seeking, even though the UI is different.

The most important, ALL the functions I use everyday with Word are all here, while ALL other functions that I don’t use are not here at all. It’s like no more no less, just perfect, in term of functionality. This approach goes to other areas too, for example, it can only open Word document, which is 90% good enough for 90% of word processor users and 100% OK with me. I know, even me at this moment, have the urge to say, why not support PDF, why not HTML, etc… but truly, why bother!

There aren’t elaborated social network features. You do can share the authored document by sending the link to others via email with role as Co-author, Reviewer or Reader. Basic and sufficient.

Even though I love Buzzword as it is now, I know as piece of software the feature set will grow overtime regardless. Somehow that’s how the software world works. For now, let’s just enjoy the young and lean tool.

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