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December 12, 2007

Flex Getting More Social

Social media is becoming the next (or current) frontier of technology and new business battle ground. Put those well known figures (facebook, myspace, yadayada) aside, Adobe Flex has been chosen more and more as the social network building block. I’ve introduced one a few days ago. Here is another one jumps into the social graph pit, intronetworks, a Flex social application.

I should say Intronetworks is quite interesting and unique in some aspects. It’s not a complete social network yet but it shows some potential as a Flex RIA web system. Among the six basic elements of a social network (profile, friends, action stream, applications, groups and networks), the user profile is very important. Intronetworks does a extremely good job collecting profile information and it does it in a way that is very creative. It starts with picking keywords from four areas, My Buzzwords, I Am, I Value and I Seek. then it shows a circle graph that illustrate how your profile relate to others in the system. It’s very visual so that you can immediately identify that there are couple of people out there who are just like you. From the circular graph you can view the profile of others by clicking their pins. You have to see it to feel it.

There are more questions later on to build your profile and they are all very interesting and easy to offer your input. In general, I’ll avoid typing in anything. With this one, you don’t have to do those typing and before you know it, there are lots about you getting into the system already.

Most of the social network elements are not there yet. But I’m really interested to see how they will go from here.

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