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December 12, 2007


As I recall, before Flex 2.0, the most wanted feature from Flex was File Upload. I still think the most significant improvement at Flex 2.0 is the file upload capability. So is it easy to do file upload with Flex now? Here I found some Flex file upload resources just in case you need them (I’m sure you will).

Flex File Upload Component
You can view the demo here. It’s small yet working Flex upload app. the original piece is here. They did a decent job to get upload going. Of cause once you started, in a real world project, you might need a lot more functions such as multiple file selection, etc.

Flex File Upload with PHP
The same guys did the above Flex File Upload Component did this. Sometime people forgot the one important part of the file upload equation is the receiving part. This one explains the sever part using PHP to handle uploaded file.

Flash 8 File Upload Download
As we know the Flex Upload is actually use the Flash 8 FileReference object to do the work. The guy who is writing the book ‘Flash 8 Upgrade Essentials’ provided a very detail demo showing how the upload is done within Flash 8. It gives you a good insight on what’s under the hood of Flex file handling.

Multiple Flex File Upload with ColdFusion
This is another good Flex file upload example that handles both client and server ends. The server side is ColdFusion, which is very familiar to lots of Coldfusion-turned Flex developers. I think lots of people use the one as prototype and tailor it fit into their own project. If you are in a ColdFusion shop, this is an excellent start point to deal with file upload issues.

Flex 2 and FileReference API
This is the classic article from Adobe to learn the Flex File Upload. I would recommend everybody interested in the come up with a fancy Flex file upload component needs have a good understanding the guts of the FileReference API.

Drag and Drop Flex File Upload with Ruby on Rails
You should know by now this is my favorite solution. This is the best so far I’ve encountered. It’s actually using Flex 3 and Adobe AIR (I start disliking the name). The server side is using the Ruby on Rails gem Merb to handle the received files. All the details are there and is just fascinating to see Flex/AIR works with RoR.

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