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December 9, 2007

Cell Renderer API: components inside a Datagrid


This example shows how you can use components inside the the datagrid. If you have not worked with data binding before, it is recommended to first read the following Browsing a Catalog >>.

In this example a checkbox, combobox and a custom icon is used inside the datagrid component. The flash mx 2004 documentation briefly explains how to add components to a cell using the Cell Renderer API, but it is difficult to understand and use. Luckily there is an example that we can use as a base to expand upon (mx.controls.cells.CheckCellRenderer). By following how this works it is not difficult to figure out how to add other components to a cell.

Before starting, download the example file >>

Here is our working movie. This is meant to be as simple as possible while still providing an example you can play around with.

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