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December 9, 2007

Flash Communication and Flash Remoting login

Goals and requirements

If you're not confident with Remoting (amfphp) neither FlashCom, then perhaps is not a good idea to begin with this.

Our goal is to build a login system to a FlashCom application querying a database to match user/pass. Since FlashCom doesn't have directly access to databases, we will use it in conjunction with Flash Remoting (amfphp) to aces it. If you don't have the FlashCom server, download the free development edition from Macromedia site >>. You need also to have a PHP enabled server, MySQL and amfphp >>. If you don't know what's amfphp is, we suggest to read first: Hello World Remoting >>, an introduction to Remoting trough amfphp, that also explains how to setup the environment. Before starting, download the example files >> (this file keeps the folder structure)

IMPORTANT: If neccesary, modify the path to your gateway in main.asc. Modify also that gateway.php and inc_sql.php to match your needs.

Here´s our working movie, just a simple login. Use Username: test and Password: test

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