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December 9, 2007

Using the remoting connector in Flash MX Professional 2004: editing a table

Goals and requirements

Our goal is to edit and update a catalog of products (cold cuts and spanish ham). Users will be able to load a list of products, and then edit and update the list. Our data source is a MySQL database and we will be using amfphp (Flash remoting for PHP) to communicate with it. You will need to have a PHP enabled server, MySQL, the Remoting Components for Flash MX 2004>> and amfphp >>. The remoting connector is available here >>. You will need to use the remoting connector found on that link as it is the only remoting component compatible with ActionScript 2.0. If you are unfamiliar with what we are talking about, it is recommended to first read: Hello World Remoting >>, an introduction to Remoting through amfphp as well as the Amfphp documention >>, which is found here >>. You may also want to review the data binding tutorial, which can be found here >>, before preceding.

The example files for this tutorial can be found here: examples files. You may want to look them over before moving all. You will need to own Flash MX Professional 2004 (or trial version) to open up the files and continue on with this tutorial. You'll also need to have the Flash 7 player installed to view the below example.

Below is the working movie. Select a cell, modify the data and press update button. The view results button will display a non editable table containing the new data. When finished testing, please press the reset button so the list is returned to the default settings.

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