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December 13, 2007

Buzzword Updates To New Version and New Domain

Buzzword, the Flex based online word processor that was recently acquired from Adobe, has been updated to version 6 (Preview 6). This is a huge update for Buzzword, with a number of new features. The upgrade includes a new domain for Buzzword, now available at, along with new features like word count, support for hyperlinks inside of documents, support for special characters like copyright symbols, and the ability to change measurement units from inches to centimeters (hooray for the metric system!).

As well, each Buzzword document now has a unique URL, which shows up in the browser when the document is loaded, so you can easily send a link to a certain document to any of your friends via email or IM. You can also share documents with others by clicking on the Share button and entering an email address - and those email addresses will now suggest previous entries for you.

Buzzword also now supports Safari v. 3 - no more annoying messages for those of us using Safari on the Mac.

Finally, copying and pasting images into Buzzword is now supported, so you can copy images from websites or other documents and paste them right into your documents.

In a note to testers, the Buzzword team also mentions that they expect the deal with Adobe to be closing "very soon".

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