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December 13, 2007

Seeqpod - Music Searching RIA

Seeqpod is a Flex based application that allows people to search for music and then play that music right in their browser. The initial webpage is done with a combination of Flash and HTML, but the playlist applications are created with a Flex application. They are on TechCrunch this morning in a story about the legality of searching for and playing music.

The site is built with Flex, so they can also integrate music videos into the application easily. Each search result has a corresponding TV icon next to it, and you can load up the video for that song and play it on the right hand side of the application. If you're only interested in the audio portion, there's an Audio Player tab that allows you create your own custom playlists and queue music for playing.

This is the first time I've heard of Seeqpod, but its definitely one that I'm going to watch closely over the next little while. If you want to track what they're doing, you can check out their blog.

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