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December 13, 2007

Play Blackjack Online With a Flex App

Betfair, an online betting company based in the UK, has launched a new Flex based Blackjack game that replaces a previous version written with Ajax. Andrew Shorten has all the details, along with some screenshots of the application. The application is available online, although you need to register to play first. (Those of you in the US won't be able to register.)

The amazing thing about Betfair and the Blackjack game is the amount of traffic that its going to get. The stats for Betfair itself are simply amazing: in the time its taken you to read this blog post, they've handled over 20,000 transactions (over 1,000 per second). Graeme Harker is wondering if the application can handle 500,000 users. I guess they're about to find out.

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