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December 27, 2007

Serrano Image Viewer built with Flex Builder 3 and AIR

Here is a simplistic image viewing application named “Serrano” built with Flex Builder 3. One main plus for the app is the ability to view SWF’s in the users local system. The app was originally created in Flex Builder 2 and then ported to FB3. This is very much an alpha release or even a prototype for now. The user experience still needs to be solidified and there are a few features that need to be built out, like thumbnail view, etc.
At the moment Serrano is having some trouble displaying images on Mac’s (or at least the one my friend Joshua Behshad tested with). So I need to get that kink worked out. There are a few other issues, but I think the app is presenting the basic proof of concept for now.
Please take a look and let me know what you think. As I mentioned there is still a bit of work left so consider this somewhat of a preview.
One thing to mention is that the port to Flex Builder 3 was painless. Pretty much copy and paste unlike the SQLite app that I had built which took quite a bit of work to get ported. Just an FYI for other AIR developers out there.
Download Serrano

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