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December 27, 2007

Flash Lite Game contest

In December, Playyoo will launch an exciting new community based on mobile games. You will be able to make your own games, challenge friends and strangers, and download free games to your mobile phone with minimum hassle.Features will include:

A “Easy discovery and download process” that will allow mobile phone users to find games of interest through the Playyoo platform. The site will provide personalized recommendations based on each user’s preferences and those of friends.
Game creation tools that will allow users with no experience to design their own games
Social networking features that will allow developers and users who interact with others
Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, hobbyist or professional, you can put your Flash Lite games in front of a big audience, with the chance to build a following. Start now by entering the launch contest, and you can also win significant prizes.

First prize $10,000
Second prize $7,000
Third prize $3,000
Fourth prize $1,500
Fifth prize $1,000
Plus 5 further prizes of $500 each
Game uploads are due on Feb 15.Early birds will benefit from more user interaction on Playyoo.

Further prizes are provided by our sponsors. If you are a member of a Flash Lite User Group, check with your group co-ordinator to see if your group has special status in the Playyoo games contest.

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