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December 5, 2007

New to ActionScript 3.0 and Flex 3.0

ActionScript is the programming language of the Flash Player runtime. Originally developed as a way for Flash developers to program interactivity, ActionScript enables efficient programming of Flash applications for everything from simple animations to complex, data-rich, interactive application interfaces.
ActionScript 3.0,
introduced in Flash Player 9, is based on ECMAScript—the same standard that is the basis for JavaScript—and provides incredible gains in runtime performance and developer productivity.
New to ActionScript 3.0? Fresh from the ActionScript team and community, these new articles and videos show you how to begin with ActionScript 3.0:
Get started with ActionScript 3.0
Migrate your Flash applications to ActionScript 3.0
Drill down into ActionScript 3.0
Check out community sites
ActionScript 2.0, the version of ActionScript used in Flash Player 8 and earlier, added language constructs and features to enable developers to build large-scale, object-oriented Flash applications and content. ActionScript 2.0 continues to be supported in Flash Player 9. See
ActionScript 2.0 resources below.
Get started with ActionScript 3.0
Programming ActionScript 3.0 in the Flash CS3 LiveDocs is a great place to start if you're completely new to ActionScript. Make sure to use the navigational tools in the upper lefthand corner to move through all of the contents and expand the table of contents:
Getting Started with ActionScript section in the Flash CS3 LiveDocs provides a summary of programming fundamentals, explains how to work with objects, and provides two beginner examples to get you up and running.
Subsequent sections provide a "Basics of..." overview and walk you through plenty of examples, so you'll be creating Flash applications as you learn. If you're new to ActionScript 3.0, make sure to read the following sections:
Introduction, Getting started, Display, Events, MovieClip, and Language and syntax.
Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
Experience the new version of Flash Professional with improved code editing and debugging tools for ActionScript 3.0.
Learn more
Take a tour

Flash Developer Center
Find new and updated articles, samples, and Flash CS3 Quick Starts, mini-examples that explain features and show how to use them—for example: Event handling, Display list programming, Creating a simple ActionScript 3.0 class, and Animating with ActionScript in Flash.

Flex Developer Center
If you're interested in how ActionScript 3.0 works with the Flex framework, the Flex Developer Center also provides articles, overviews, tutorials, and Flex Quick Starts.

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Video Workshop
Learn from dozens of videos geared toward Flash CS3 designers, including tutorials on getting started with ActionScript 3.0 and writing ActionScript for components.

Introduction to event handling in ActionScript 3.0
Interactivity, the core of any Flash application, is handled through events. Trevor McCauley shows you how to use the EventDispatcher class to track mouse interactions and more.

ActionScript blogs
Read what people are saying about ActionScript in developer blogs.
Migrate to ActionScript 3.0
ActionScript and code editor changes in Flash CS3 Professional: Support for ActionScript 3.0 is one of the most significant changes in Flash CS3 Professional. Take advantage of new coding tools in the Actions panel or Script window, and a new debugging tool—designed to reduce the time it takes to write ActionScript code.
Getting started with ActionScript: Learn some of the core principles of ActionScript and interactivity in Flash CS3 Professional. This video tutorial shows you how to write simple ActionScript 3.0 code for a button. Each line of code is thoroughly explained so you understand the ActionScript code that you write.
Tips for learning ActionScript 3.0: Get a head start on ActionScript 3.0 with these tips and common issues you might encounter during development.
Tips for migrating your Flash applications to ActionScript 3.0: Apply these 15 helpful tips to avoid common pitfalls when building your first Flash application using the latest version of ActionScript.
Introducing the ActionScript 3.0 debugger: Take a tour of the new debugger in Flash CS3 Professional and learn how it greatly simplifies troubleshooting issues with ActionScript 3.0 classes and frame scripts in FLA files.
Introduction to event handling in ActionScript 3.0: Use the new EventDispatcher class to track mouse interactions and create your own custom events when building applications in Adobe Flex 2 or Flash CS3 Professional.
Building an image-viewing widget with ActionScript 3.0: Migrate an image viewer application from ActionScript 2.0 to 3.0 to explore the new capabilities of ActionScript 3.0.
ActionScript 2.0 migration table (LiveDocs): Check out this exhaustive table in the ActionScript 3.0 Language and Components Reference to see the differences between ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0.
Drill down into ActionScript 3.0
ActionScript 3.0 expands the functionality of the language and makes programming significantly easier than in previous versions. By repackaging commonly used classes and objects as easily accessible APIs, ActionScript 3.0 provides faster, more direct access to the functionality you need for your applications. Regular expressions and E4X support make working with XML much quicker and more natural.

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