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December 5, 2007

Four basic lessons on coding your first application with Flex Builder

In the following presentation, you will learn four essential lessons on using Adobe Flex 2. You will learn how to:
Create a Flex Project.
Compile a Flex application.
Create a Hello World application in Flex.
Deploy the Hello World application to a web server.
You can also browse the finished Hello World application. This is the first in a series of demonstrations that we have created through FlexTV.
FlexTV is a developer-to-developer conversation focused on Flex. We have many shows currently in production, including focused presentations (see Figure 1), developer interviews, and customer showcases that highlight the best of the Flex marketplace. FlexTV is your chance to learn about Flex technology in between presentations at conferences or user groups.
You may want to download and install the following files and software to follow along with the demonstration:
Flex Builder 2 (includes the free Flex SDK)
Watch the Breeze seminar (15:00 min.)

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