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December 9, 2007

Microsoft Silverlight Live Search site with Flex 3.0

Started from Popfly, Microsoft startes using separated (from internet domain names (even domain, i.g. *.ms) to prompt its products and technologies. Here goes again with Silverlight. They released the beta version of the Silverlight based Live Search, Tafiti. Once you tried you would know that you won’t use it any further for your daily internet search. The whole site really just for the sole purpose, demonstrating Silverlight technology. For that matter, it does a very good job.

Once you are on, just type in a word, the search results will be brought back on a popping board in animated way. No advertisement around here. There are two views to show the results. Another one is tree view. Of cause it’s highly useless except it does show Silverlight’s animation and 3D alike capabilities. There are not whole lots bells and whistles but it does give you a grown-up RIA tool kind of feeling. Pure technically I think it indeed posts a threat to Flash based RIA product family. From general RIA stand point, it’s a good thing.

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