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December 9, 2007

Flex 3.0 Business Ideas upto 100

One of my friends is a party animal and wants to learn those latest hip hop dance. So he bought this learn to dance video. This brand new instructional dance video teaches him how to dance in nightclubs and other nightlife venues. The problem he had is that the music and dancing encapsulate nightlife entertainment venues and yet very few people know how to dance. He said in the clubs most hold themselves back, and nearly everyone wishes they could somehow learn or get a lot better.To those guys going to clubs, not for the sake of being a good dancer alone, but to become more attractive to the opposite sex and feel less socially awkward. He said this new DVD will offer the solution. Actually it’s indeed kinda fun just watching it.

It strike me after watching this video is that when you are learning dancing, you really don’t care too much about the models or the teachers. What you really care about are the moves, the elegance, smoothness and the confidence on the floor. All those come from the details collaborated combination of body parts movement. That’s why people buy video so that they can watch it over and over again. With video, you can rewind, backward, forward, slow frame, etc. However, the angles are fixed and you can’t see it from different angle to get more detail and precise movements. So really you have to use your imagination quite often.

Now, what if a application is developed using, say, Flex/AIR, offered online or offline. All the moves are extracted from the learn to dance video and 3D-tize it. When you are learning the move, not only you can go back and forth. You turn it to different angles to see other side of the body parts within the same move. This way you can totally focus on mimic the move rather than doing some guess work as well. You can see this technology can be used beyond the dance learning.

Too bad so far there isn’t anything like this. So, to my friend the best choice available is the dance video he bought. Good luck and happy party!

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