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December 13, 2007

Geni Clone Made With Flex

TechCrunch has a story on a Geni clone that launched recently that is quickly becoming more popular than Geni itself. The new site is available online at for those of us who speak English, translated from the original site in German.

Its interesting to note the slant that TechCrunch took for this story and the response from the Sven Schmid, the co-founder of Nick Gonzalez was quick to mention the fact that they appear to have cloned the UI from Geni, and a few of commenters were pretty harsh on Sven's company. But I think Sven is bang on when he says in his comments "It is our belief it is all about execution. We must deliver a compelling user experience."

That's business these days on the Internet. If you have a successful idea, you can be sure that dozens of companies will try and copy you. With frameworks available to rapidly develop applications, with services from Amazon so your data and site is always available, its harder than ever to maintain a competitive edge. In the past the competitive edge in software came from proprietary formats. These days its from the user experience, and the resulting network effects of more visitors. Which I think is what Sven is saying.

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