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December 13, 2007

AIR Version of Buzzword In The Works

InfoQ has a great interview up with the David Coletta and Tad Staley from Buzzword (which Adobe is in the process of acquiring). In it they discuss why they chose Flex to build Buzzword, challenges they encountered building Buzzword with Flex, and more.

On the subject of hiring developers for Flex projects, they give this advice: "When you're looking for talent, don't worry too much about background in Flash or Flex. Not a single member of the Buzzword team had ever worked in Flash or Flex before starting on Buzzword. Instead, hire people with strong object-oriented software development backgrounds, with experience in languages like Java, C++, or C#. They'll find ActionScript 3 and the Eclipse-based Flex Builder environment to be quite comfortable and familiar."

And when discussing features that were going to be added to Buzzword in the future, they said: "We also expect to add PDF export support in the near future... we are eager to extend the Buzzword in a number of areas. First, of course, is the AIR platform, which will not only enable off-line use but will also provide a cleaner user interface (without distraction from the browser chrome) and even closer integration with the desktop."

You can read the entire interview at

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