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December 12, 2007


So far, the only thing stops me fully embracing Flex is its lack of file upload capability. The example provided by Macromedia is not that exciting. So, let me try to come up something can be used in a real project.

Utilizing the same concept, by using Flash’s LocalConnection class, I made a starter Flex application. To make it easier to try out, I simulate the actual uploading part, the part web server receives files and do something. File handling are server side are low-tech now for web application. I’d like the starter application can be run without server side file handling so that whoever is interested it can easily try it out, as long as you have a Flex server.

Get the Flex File Upload Project Starter Files from here.
The design goals are:

Try to avoid iframe and frame
Try to simulate window app style file selection and upload
Support virtually all browsers and platform
Use a Flash as communication media instead of a Flex one to reduce server side compiling
Reduce or remove static files
Eventually make it a Flex/Flsh component ( is this too high for a goal?)
Adobe/Macrobedia opens up file upload before I finishing this, yahoo!!
I’ll add more goals later and explain the current implementation at next post.

Give it try. To play with it, once unzip and drop everything to a Flex app area, just call the jsp file fileUpload.jsp and see what’ll happen.

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