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December 12, 2007

flex-business-ideas-10-health-maintenance 3.0

If you read the previous Ideas, you would know I like to enrich the healthy care and advertising spaces using RIA technologies such as Flex. This one is about Heath too.

I ware contact lenses and always interested in doing something about it or concerned about eye care. Received a news letter the other day, which was about eye visions and macular degeneration from a site called Natural Eye Care, where they have lots of information about vision. They also sell formulated pills for eyes. One page (linked above) talked about lots of symptoms, causes and risks. Also full of terminologies.

We need do something about this.

If Health Maintenance is too big of topic, let’s just focus on eye care. What if we could have all the information from the page visualized, something build on top of the components from the Idea 7. Just show us the symptoms visually and explain the whole thing in 3D, dynamically (panning, turning, etc.) It’s hard for a individual site like the Natural Eye Care to come up with something like this. Then some startup (get idea from here) can establish a platform so that e-commerce site can outsource the visualization to them.

Talking about maintenance, how about eye exercise. Still remember we did that during the recess at school. A 3D dynamic visual teaching platform, similar to the Idea 6, can be utilized to teach the daily routine to maintain good vision.

I would use it if there have sites like that. For now, have to keep reading the boring text and flip through dictionary all the time.

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