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December 5, 2007

A Flex and .NET security primer

Security is an essential attribute of any online application. Unrestricted access to the application services and resources may lead to data leaks, loss of sensitive information, and overall application instability. It is important to consider security requirements early in the application development life cycle. Application developers must answer the following questions:
What system resources and services should be available publicly?
What application data and functionality should be secured?
How should the application secure access (role-based, by IP address, number of invocations per unit of time, and so forth.)?
What security domain should the application use to store user information (ActiveDirectory, database, custom ACL list)?
This article gives an overview of the security mechanisms developers can use to address the questions above when using Flex, .NET, and WebORB.
One of my previous articles,
Invoking .NET objects using the Flex RemoteObject API, describes how to invoke .NET methods from Flex. I recommended that you follow the steps in that article first, to ensure that your development environment is configured so that you can invoke .NET methods from Flex.
Adobe Flex Builder 2.0.1
Microsoft Internet Information Services Server (version 5.x or later)
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Microsoft .NET version 2.0 or later (installed on the system and integrated into IIS)
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Visual Studio 2003 or 2005
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WebORB for .NET version 3.2 or later
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