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August 25, 2009

Adobe Flex 4 SDK

Welcome to the Adobe Flex® 4 SDK beta release on Adobe Labs (previously code named Gumbo). This release marks an expanded role for the Flex framework, now supporting both developers creating Flex applications and designers using Adobe® Flash® Catalyst™ to create interaction design.

You can build great Flex applications using only the Flex 4 SDK and an editor of your choice, or you can use the beta version of Adobe Flash Builder™ 4 (previously named Flex Builder) which includes everything in the Flex 4 SDK within it. This beta release aligns with the public beta releases of both Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst.

There are 3 main themes for this release:

  • Design in Mind: providing a framework for continuous collaboration between designer and developer
  • Developer Productivity: improving compiler performance and adding productivity enhancements to language features
  • Framework Evolution: taking advantage of new Flash Player capabilities and adding features required by common use-cases

For an overview of the new features, please read Matt Chotin’s What’s new in the Flex 4 SDK beta article.

Please use this opportunity to explore new features and communicate your feedback. While we are excited about this near feature-complete release, please remember that that this is beta software and there will be bugs, incomplete features, some performance issues and documentation issues, so we suggest that you only use it for testing and exploratory purposes.

Note: If you are planning on using the Flash Builder 4 beta, everything included in the Flex 4 SDK will also be included so you will not need to download the SDK.

Open Source Nightly Builds

The Flex framework is open source, so if you are looking for the open source nightly builds, please visit

Flex 3 SDK

If you are looking for older versions of the Flex framework, you can get them from the open source site.

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