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June 10, 2009

Top Flex Tips

Top Things You Need to Know When Working With Flex

Explore the key features of Flex with code examples and working sample applications. These step-by-step code-based tutorials are written in easy to digest 15 minute chunks. We suggest going through them (at least glancing at them) in order, but you can also pick and choose among the topics if you're already familiar with the concepts:

A. Working with Data

Use data modeling and data binding when working with data.

B. Handling Events

Use event handler functions to handle asynchronous network and UI events.

C. Designing a UI: Using Components and Containers

Use Flex's built-in components and containers to lay out your Flex Application

D. Designing a UI: Displaying Lists of Items

Use the powerful List based components of Flex to display groups of related data items using either the built-in or custom item renderers and item editors.

E. Designing a UI: Creating a multi-page application

Use navigation controls such as ViewStack and TabNavigator to easily add a navigaton system to your applicaton.

F. Extending and Customizing Components

Create your own components from scratch or by extending existing classes in the Flex Class Library using Object Oriented Programming and Code Behind Techniques.

G. Debugging an Application

Learn about Flex Builder's rich debugging capabilities.

Import these projects into Flex Builder

Each of these modules is available on the Download Projects Page as exported ZIP files that you can import into Flex Builder.

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