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June 9, 2009

Flex video samples

Creating Flash Tooltips

Learn how to create interactive tooltips for buttons and other objects inside of Flash.
Length: 20:14

The Tree Component

Learn how to use this versatile component driven by external XML.
Length: 19:58

XML Video Playlist

Learn how to create an XML-driven video playlist for FLV files.
Length: 16:15

Flash and XML

Learn the basics of how to incorporate XML into your Flash movies.
Length: 16:02

Video Player Interface

Learn how to use Photoshop to create a slick looking video player interface.
Length: 07:30

The Key Class

This tutorial explains how to respond to keyboard events in Actionscript.
Length: 13:40

Sending Mail with PHP

Learn how to create a contact form in Flash that sends email using PHP.
Length: 24:28

PHP, MySQL, and Flash

Learn how to integrate database content into your Flash movies using PHP and MySQL.
Length: 22:23

Flash Sound Design

Learn how to use Adobe Audition to create custom sound effects for Flash.
Length: 11:33

Advanced Flash Preloader

Learn how to properly preload Flash movies that use components.
Length: 10:51

Basic Flash Preloader

Learn the basics of creating a preloader for basic Flash movies.
Length: 13:12

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