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June 9, 2009

Flex Top Video Examples

Flash Video Basics 1

This tutorial introduces you to using FLV files in your Flash movies.
Length: 06:13

Flash Video Basics 7

In this tutorial we'll add a custom context menu to our player.
Length: 09:24

After Effects and Flash 1

This tutorial shows how you can create text animations in After Effects for Flash.
Length: 12:23

Flash Math: Part 2

Learn how to use proximity to add interactivity to your movies.
Length: 22:20

Flash Sound Design

Learn how to use Adobe Audition to create custom sound effects for Flash.
Length: 11:33

XML Video Playlist

Learn how to create an XML-driven video playlist for FLV files.
Length: 16:15

External SWF Preloading

Learn how to preload external SWF files with the MovieClipLoader class.
Length: 19:12

Using Custom Classes

Learn how to find, organize and implement external Actionscript classes.
Length: 20:39

Drag and Drop in AIR

Learn how to drag and drop files from the desktop onto your AIR applications.
Length: 15:07

ActionScript 3 Sound Basics

Learn all you need to know about playing and managing sound in ActionScript 3.
Length: 17:10

Advanced Fuse Animation

We take Fuse one step further and use it to create some random particle effects.
Length: 19:55

Advanced After Effects and Flash

Learn how to create some slick animated buttons using After Effects and Flash.
Length: 24:52

Object-Oriented Scrollbar: Part 1

In part 1 you'll learn how to create a smooth-scrolling scrollbar prototype on the timeline.
Length: 28:43

Flash Player 10 Beta: Dynamic Sound

Learn how to dynamically create sounds using the new features in Astro.
Length: 11:48

Introduction to AMFPHP: Part 2

In this tutorial I show you how to directly return database records to Flash using AMFPHP.
Length: 15:27

The Throw Slider

Learn how to take an ordinary slider and apply throw physics to it.
Length: 27:42

Flash CS4 Feature Tour

Take a tour of some of the most exciting new features coming in Flash CS4 Professional.
Length: 19:04

Flash QuickTime Exporting

Learn how to export ActionScript-based animations to Flash and then composite in After Effects.
Length: 17:24

Animating Pixel Bender Filters

Learn how to animate the parameters of a Pixel Bender filter using a tweening library.
Length: 20:58

Making Phone Calls with Ribbit

Learn how to use the Ribbit API to make phone calls directly from your Flash and Flex applications.
Length: 19:59

Introduction to Flex: Part 1

Learn how to use the Flex framework to create a simple Twitter search application.
Length: 24:59

Introduction to Flex: Part 3

In this part I explain how to improve the look of the application by incorporating styles and skins.
Length: 14:58

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