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June 9, 2009

5 Top ways to Learn Flex

  1. Adobe’s official Flex Quick Starts offer some simple code samples to get you started. These documents were written by Flash expert Aral Balkan. flex video samples list

  2. Additionally, Adobe offers free video training with a series called Learn Flex in a Week. If you’re willing to throw down some cash for video training, you might want to see the Flex online training available through Another premium option is the Flex content available from Total Training. Finally, be sure to take a peek at the Flex category on Adobe TV for content aimed at a wide variety of skill levels.

  3. If you find yourself doing a lot of work with Flex, the Flex Language Reference will be your new best friend. Even as your skills and knowledge increases, you’ll keep coming back to this ultimate guide for Flex and Flash Player’s APIs. Every component property, method, event, and style is at your fingertips, often with useful inline examples. You can access it directly under Flex Builder’s Help menu too, if you prefer.

  4. The flexcoders mailing list is a great place to ask questions if you’re having some particularly difficult problems with Flex. You can also read theflexcoders archives through The Mail Archive for an easier reading and searching experience. Also consider subscribing to the flexcomponents mailing list to learn about building custom components for Flex. You shouldn’t post general Flex questions here because this list is specifically designed for discussion focused on components. Even if you aren’t into building components, I recommend watching the discussions there because many of the list’s experts share useful insights into many hidden aspects of the Flex framework.

  5. The Flex Cookbook is a community-driven site that includes a lot of short and simple how-tos for Flex. The style is much like the ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook. As an exciting bonus, the best contributions to the site will be considered for inclusion in the printed versions of the Flex Cookbook, published by O’Reilly.

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