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January 1, 2008

Latest i Flex (i-Flex) Placement Paper

This is from Nimish who cleared the i Flex Written + technical test but couldn't clear the HR. Tough luck. This iFlex Paper is of 15th March 2007 and I am putting the exact word by word description.
---------------There were six sets in total in the written exam . In my set there was a passage about the journey of titanic followed by 5 questions . I didn't even read the passage as i was very much thorough with the movie .
Than there were 5 questions on a bar graph about profits and investments of different companies. Than there were 5 questions related to a table given which had the profits made by different companies in different years ,those were simple calculations . there were a couple of questions where a 2 words with their codes were given and it was required to code another word.
Than there were 3 questions where it was required to pick 1 out of 4 options which had a couple of words related to each other in the same way as the example given in the question . 2 questions were fill in the 2 blanks using the following pair of words . and so on .....
overall it was an easy paper with a very high cut off . and yea there was a -ve marking too , 1 for correct answer , and a deduction of .25 for the wrong answer.

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