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January 1, 2008

Insert a WebService component

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<td height="114"> <p> You use the Flex WebService component to access a SOAP-based web service and retrieve information about recent blog posts.</p>
<p>In Source mode, enter the following &lt;mx:WebService&gt; tag immediately after the opening &lt;mx:Application&gt; tag:&lt;mx:WebService id=&quot;wsBlogAggr&quot; <br>
<p>The wsdl property specifies the location of the WSDL file for the web service. As of this writing, the location was still valid, but you should check to make sure it hasn't changed. You can find the latest WSDL file location on the developers page at, under Web Services.</p>
If you want, you can also use the following alias in the component:

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