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January 1, 2008

Handling service results

After an RPC component calls a service, the data that the service returns is placed in a lastResult object. By default, the resultFormat property value of HTTPService components and WebService component operations is object, and the data that is returned is represented as a simple tree of ActionScript objects. Flex interprets the XML data that a web service or HTTP service returns to appropriately represent base types, such as String, Number, Boolean, and Date. To work with strongly typed objects, you must populate those objects using the object tree that Flex creates.
WebService and HTTPService components both return anonymous Objects and Arrays that are complex types. If makeObjectsBindable is true, which it is by default, Objects are wrapped in mx.utils.ObjectProxy instances and Arrays are wrapped in mx.collections.ArrayCollection instances.

Macromedia ColdFusion is case insensitive, so it internally uppercases all of its data. Keep this in mind when consuming a ColdFusion web service.
Handling results as XML with the e4x result format
Binding a service result to other objects
Handling result and fault events

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