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December 17, 2007

Using floating IFrames in Flex 3 Beta: wmode buh-bye?

Just a quick one today... we're porting some work to Flex 3 where we do the floating Iframe thing, and noticed some strange behaviour changes. In Firefox, the floating Iframe would briefly flash into view and then disappear, while in IE the Iframe would appear, however if we clicked into the IFrame embedded html page and then clicked outside it somewhere on the flex app, the IFrame would disappear from view.

Took a little bit of sniffing around but in the end the culprit was the html-template\index.template.html file. For some reason, and it might well be a very good reason, the property wmode is no longer included in the flash player tags ("wmode", "opaque" in AC_FL_RunContent() && wmode="opaque" in ) in FlexBuilder 3. Once we added those back in, the floating IFrame started working again.

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