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December 7, 2007

Update Flash Detection Scripts to support Flash Player 9

It is time to update site detection scripts, yet again. Many sites search for a version lower than a fixed player version and break when you visit with Flash Player 9. Flash 9 is compatible but your site's JavaScript needs an update.Future-Proofing Flash Player Detection ScriptsI have long advocated using SWFObject for Flash Player detection because its simple to use and it works. Basically SWFObject overwrites an HTML DIV tag with minimalist Object/Embed if a player version is supported. For Flex 2 applications, I recommend sticking with the default HTML/JS templates in Flex Builder 2 and the generated HTML/JS from MXML files in FDS. These templates include some new code that seamlessly enables Express Install within Flex application. If a Flash Player views this HTML/JS and they have Flash Player 6 r65 or higher they will automatically be prompted to upgrade their player. After the download the Flex 2 application is displayed. The user experience here is really great and there has been allot of hard work to enable this killer upgrade feature for Flash Player.Geoff, contact me so that we can get SWFObject working seamlessly with Flex 2 applications. We need to make it drop dead simple to get Flex 2 SWF into HTML applications in the small and in the large. :)Again update your JS/HTML to be compatible with Flash Player 9.

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