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December 9, 2007

Transitions effects in Flash 8

This tutorial is closely related to the previous "Image filter and jpg output in Flash 8", in fact, it's a new approach to BitmapData class, one of the most important additions in Flash 8. With this new Class (and related ones) pixel manipulation is a fact. In this example, we build a basic photo gallery to show different transitions between images. All of this transitions were possible with previous version, but the intense CPU usage makes almost impossible to run it on non ultrapowerfull machines. I remember myself hanging my machine trying impossible effects. Let's me give you an example.

The dissolve effect (break the image in little squares that randomly fly out) in this example use 1500 clips. In the old way, you need to duplicate 1500 times a MovieClip holding the image, then mask each clip and offset the inner image to match source. This old way increase the CPU usage at a level that froze your machine (based on image dimensions) With Flash 8, you can simply copy 10*10 pixels grid from source and make them fly out whit out such a penalization. Nice ...

Ok, here's our working example (requires Flash Player 8) Download the example files (require Flash 8) and continue reading

Download examples files >>>

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