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December 10, 2007

Ted Patrick > Flex Evangelist > Adobe Systems

It is important to make compilation a consistent, repetitive, and 'brainless' process via automation. I built this Python script for MTASC to compile projects in a consistent and cross platform manner.&

1. Download

2. Make sure you have Python installed.

3. Run

The script compiles an AS class to SWF and launches the SWF for testing. If the build results in an error, the errors will be output to the console.

This script is very easy to modify and port to OSX or Linux. All paths are cross platform using Pythons's 'os' library and all you need to change is the path to MTASC and the specifics of your class.

To make this simple, I included the latest build of MTASC for windows in the ZIP. If you have Python installed, simply run and the compiled SWF will appear.

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