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December 12, 2007


Sun’s JavaFX is out. Now what? It’s time to figure out how well the technology comparing to others such as Flash, AJAX and Silverlight. I think AJAX is out of picture because AJAX is not visual tool at all, even though Sun hinted JavaFX is a AJAX killer. Really they are aftering Flash.

There are not whole lot JavaFX demos out there. One is from javaFX site. It’s JFX recreation of Motorola’s StudioMoto web site, which is running with Flash. That’ll be very good comparing point actually.

To start a JavaFX application is as easy as starting Apollo application, just click the jnlp file link. The java jnlp file is recognized by Java Web Start, sun’s java application distribution tool. The runtime is, you guessed right, the JRE (1.5 or up.)

Once it’s started, it looks just like a regular desktop application. In the demo description, they mentioned to look at the mouse over effect on the top. Did that and looks ok.

Now, if you go to the original StudioMoto web site, and do a mouse over, I bet you will find out the Flash mouse over is much smoother.

Um…I think I’ll just stop here before making any judgement. We have more time to figure out how JavaFx fits into the RIA world.

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