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December 17, 2007

SizeableTitleWindow & Custom Skins

Most of you are probably familiar with the that the CF code generator for Flexbuilder spits out, along with a plethora of other useful tidbits of code. In fact that was the only reason I initially installed Coldfusion and the tools - I saw a modal resizable window in Flex and absolutely had to have it!

That was like 8 months ago. Recently I started working a lot more closely with skinning and runtime loading of css. I created some really funky UI's using run time style sheets that I found at, in particular I like using the Obsidian Theme Skin. However, this skin, like many others, replaces the skins for the Panel control - which, though very cool, breaks the resize function of the SizeableTitleWindow.

In simple terms, an event listener attached to the MouseOver event checks the coordinates of the mouse and if the coordinates fall within the right range, a cursor image is assigned. When the user clicks the mouse, the mouse down event checks which cursor is active and acts accordingly. The only problem is that all the coordinate calculations are based on event.localX and event.localY and those relate to However when using skins, the isn't the SizeableTitleWindow but rather the skin, so it throws everything off. The result? The east and south cursors don't appear and even when they do, the drag functionality is buggy at best.

I fixed the problem by replacing all localX and localY with event.currentTarget.mouseX and event.currentTarget.mouseY. Also I no longer check to see if is SizeableTitleWindow, and that seems to have fixed it.

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