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December 10, 2007

Saving data from Flash using AS3

This tutorial is closely related to the previous "Loading data into Flash using AS3 ", in fact, is like the second part of the rewriting of the original tutorial writed for AS2 :). So if you're not familiar with loading external data, read it first. In this second part, we will explore different ways of saving data into an external file. Again we're involved with dynamic content. The outside resource could be a text file or a database: now we know how to read it, so save is our next step. Reading and saving data allows our application to be a real front-end where the user can interact a lot of outside resources.
Trough this tutorial we will move always based on the same example: saving a Title, a comment and the name of an image using a Flash form. Doesn't matter which file we use to save data: our goal is to save this piece of info. We will use different back-end language: PHP and ColdFusion.

This tutorial is divided into several parts, and if you have some knowledge, you can skip parts and go right away to the method you're looking for.

1. Saving foundation
2. Saving data to text files
3. Saving data to Shared Objects
4. Saving data to databases using name/value pairs (php-cfm code)
5. Saving data to databases using Remoting (amfphp-CFM) examples

Download examples files >>>

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