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December 13, 2007

Picnik and Flickr Integration Now Live

The integration of Flickr and Picknik is now live on Flickr's website - users can now use Picknik, a Flex based photo editing application, to edit photos that they've uploaded to Flickr. Photos that you've uploaded in Flickr should now have an "Edit Photo" link above them, which launches Picnik application right in the page. Picnik has added at least one feature that I hadn't noticed before: full screen editing. Under the Picnik menu you can select Full Screen and launch the editor in full screen, without any browser controls.

From a business standpoint, Picnik hopes to make money off their Picnik Premium subscription that is available. For $24.95 per year, users get access to advanced controls in the Picnik editor. The Picnik team deserves a lot of credit for the way they've implemented those features in Picnik. They're all available in the editor, and you can see what the changes will do to your photos when you use them, but to actually apply those changes you'll have to dish out the $24.95. Nice touch - much better than having me guess at what I'm buying. I'm sure more than a few Flickr users will dish out the $2 / month for those features, which should make the deal a success for Picknik and Flickr (who now have some happier users).

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