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December 17, 2007

Not another Flex, AmfPHP, Cairngorm CodeGen! MAKE IT STOP!

Haven't blogged in quite some time and this is a project that's been half done for far too long. Like everyone else we decided to build our own code generator, just something fairly straightforward that would generate all the DAO code, the Cairngorm code, and a nice little interface to test all the main CRUD and DAD functions we have come to know and love. Lately we've been busy souping up the generated UI, not so much in terms of style... beauty does not live here... functionality however does.

You can get all the gory details by clicking on this link:

We built this code to use AMFPHP, Cairngorm, PHP and Flex 2.01. We've put in place validators, datepickers, checkboxes and textinputs on our forms and generated full Command/Event/Model/Controller classes. We've implemented binding on the generated view form fields. Our code generator will detect relationships between tables and render comboboxes accordingly, for example, if there's a foreign key on a customer table linked to a country table, the customer view will have a combobox linked to the model.countries collection. But I must stop, I'm getting too technical...

Basically, if the generator runs successfully, you're a few clicks away from being able to manage the data in your database from Flex. The generated code is zipped up for you to download. Inside the zip you will find a complete and ready to import Flexbuilder Project and the php packages ready to copy into your amfphp services folder. Further details can be found by clicking on the link.

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