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December 9, 2007

How to Learn Flex?

Finally I come back again. Too busy in getting several Flex projects out of doors. But believe me, I didn’t keep my head down. I am watching the RIA expanding rapidly. I’m reading the conventional media when they are catching up and playing the buzz word ‘RIA’. I am laughing at the war between AJAX and Flex camp. I see developers walking around and wondering, “what’s up with the whole Flex thing!” I’m imagining a bunch of developers typing in the keywords, RIA or Flex into google and trying to get on the RIA ride. I’m surprised that Google brings my sleeping flex site to 6/10 PageRank. Need more proves of a big thing is coming, or is landed?

So, you want to learn Flex?

I call out all flexers. let’s make some roadmaps for whoever wants to learn Flex. Some may say there are plenty of resources already, go digging. But I’ll argue for my dear flexer-wana-bes, “yes dude, but where should I start with?”

Now I turn my head to my dear eager and frustrated flexer-wana-bes. First my friend, who are you?

So today Let’s figure out all the starting point for our Learning Flex Roadmap - So You Want To Learn Flex.

J2EE Developers
.Net (Windows) Developers
Opensource Web Developers
Flash Media Designers
Flash Application Developers
die-hard ColdFusion Developers
All-in-one developers
None GUI System Developers
programmer-wana-bes (gona be hard, but I’ll give it a try)
Are there more distinguished groups of people we want list them here? As you may figure, the roadmaps are really for those who will do the coding and create Flex application with bare hands. For those who will not get hands dirty, just visiting Macromedia will do.

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