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December 7, 2007

Flex for .NET developers.

Step 1
Experience Flex

Check out Scrapblog, a Flex based application with a .NET backend. Then check out more examples of Flex integrating with a .NET backend, courtesy of the Midnight Coders.

Step 2
Download Flex

Download the free Flex SDK to build and debug .NET based Flex applications.
Flex Builder, an Eclipse based IDE, provides a rich set of tools to speed app creation.
Try Flex Builder free for 30 days.

Step 3
Learn Flex

Sign up for 30 days of free online Flex training from Total Training.
Then read the
Geting Started Guide for Flex.

Flex and .NET

Your Flex application can retrieve data from a .NET backend using web services, including SOAP and REST based web services. You can also transfer objects and other data types directly from .NET to Flex, and vice versa, over AMF, using WebORB for .NET or this open source AMF.NET tool.

Fluorine is another open-source remoting gateway for .NET and Flex development. Sam Shrefler has written some tutorials that use it on his blog. The first tutorial uses Flex, Cairngorm, Fluorine and ASP.NET, and the second adds support for the Flex RemoteObject. Sam also has a sample that uses .NET, Flex and JSON.

Live Events

Upcoming e-Seminars
Sep 25, 2007 -
Flex for .NET Developers
Oct 23, 2007 - Flex for .NET Developers
Learn more about Flex and .NET at one of these live Flex e-seminars.

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