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December 12, 2007

Flex cookbook from O'Reilly - call for more topics

Hello everyone,

Josh Noble, Todd Anderson, and Abey George are all hard at work on the print version of the Flex 3 Cookbook for O'Reilly Media. They're writing new recipes and incorporating some of your recipes from the online Adobe Flex Cookbook. Get yours in now!

Deadlines are Nov 15 and Jan 1 for the topics. Check out the complete list of topics in my original post.

I'll be updating that list with these ideas, which just arrived in my inbox from Josh today!

- Accessibility and Creating Accessible Components Module
- RSL library tricks, advice, recipes (I think we've got a pretty good range of stuff there but I'm sure we missed something and it is a big topic).
- Working with Bitmaps, BitmapData, and Images

Best of luck to you in getting into the O'Reilly print book!

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