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December 12, 2007

Flex Compatibility Issues

Adobe AIR

If you are using Flex Builder 3 with Adobe AIR, you may encounter issues not covered in these release notes. Please take time to review the AIR release notes.
Flex SDK

There are a number of Flex SDK backwards compatibility changes where you can return the behavior to Flex 2.0.1 using a new compiler argument -compatibility-version. To get the full details go to: Backwards Compatibility
The DataGrid control's rowCount and lockedRowCount properties no longer include the header.
The order of DataGrid children (such as the vertical scroll bar) has changed. This affects custom components that may have subclassed the DataGrid control and used the getChildAt() method to manipulate various children of the DataGrid control.
The flashType CSS property has been deprecated. Components should use the advancedAntiAliasing property instead.
Flex Builder

The Query Builder included in the ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder is not supported on the Mac OS X platform.
Eclipse 3.2.1 is not supported on Vista.
Flex Design Extensions for CS3 are not supported on non-English OSs
With Flex Builder database wizards you can now generate sample code that will connect to your database tables through a server technology. The currently-supported platforms are:
Java using the LiveCycle Data Services 2.5 server
Java using REST(XML over HTTP) transport
PHP using REST (XML over HTTP) transport (only for MySQL)
ASP.NET (C# and VBScript) using WebServices (only for SQL Server)
Flash Player

On Mac OS X, Flash Player now looks for the mm.cfg file in your home directory(~), generally, /Users/. If one is not found, it looks for mm.cfg in /Library/Application Support/Macromedia. For previous versions of Flash Player, Flash Player ignored an mm.cfg file in your home directory /Users/. For some users with an mm.cfg in their home directory, tracing to the flashlog.txt file will not work.
Flex 2 Charting

If you have a licensed version of Flex 2 Charting and want to use those components in Flex Builder 3, you must copy your serial number from the Flex 2 file to the Flex Builder 3 file for the SDK 2.0.1. In addition, to use Flex 2 Charting with Flex Builder 3, you must select the 2.0.1 SDK when compiling your applications in Flex Builder 3.

Copy the following line from your Flex 2 Charting file and paste it into the flex_builder_root/sdks/2.0.1/frameworks/ file:

Select the SDK 2.0.1 in Flex Builder 3 by selecting Project > Properties > Flex Compiler. Select the Use a Specific SDK option, and select Flex 2.0.1 Hotfix 3 from the drop-down list.
You must get a separate Flex 2 Charting serial number to use Flex 2 Charting components.
[edit]Known IssuesThis section contains a product-specific list of known issues in the Flex 3 Public beta. Flex 3 uses a public bug system ( and most bugs in these lists contain a link to more detail in this bug system. You can also use the public bug system to post bugs you find in the beta 3 release.

When using the public bug system, you should start by clicking on the Bug Standards / Community Process link to learn more about the bug system (be sure to check the section at the bottom). Then go back, register for your account and you should be able to view and define bugs.

[edit]Flex SDK issues
Adobe AIR Support

SDK-11066 If you try to set something on the stage before the creationComplete event from , it will throw an RTE saying you cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
SDK-12150 and now have a visible property which you can set to false to prevent the window from showing. You no longer use the visible property setting in the application.xml file. You should set the visible property in application.xml to false so that all the layout processing can occur without redraws.
SDK-12694 PrintDataGrid does not lay out well in without an explicit width and height. The workaround is to set an explicit height and width for PrintDataGrid.

SDK-9438 If you have a 2.0.1-style configuration file which specifies the locale, you will get an "Unexpected CDATA" error on the line that contains ja_JP. To avoid this error, change the tag to ja_JP.
Also, if you use a command line similar to mxmlc -locale ja_JP MyApp.mxml where -locale is the last option before the target file, you must change it to either mxmlc -locale=ja_JP MyApp.mxml or mxmlc -locale ja_JP -- MyApp.mxml.
SDK-12685 There is an issue where the line number of an error is completely wrong, usually beyond the end of a file. This is not a bug. The source file was probably saved in UNIX format, where line feeds/line endings are marked differently than on Windows (DOS formatting) and Mac (Mac formatting). There are trailing newline characters which the compiler correctly counts as blank lines, and some editors (like Flex Builder) display as blank lines, and other editors (like Vi) will display as control characters ("^M"). Resave your file in a DOS format to fix this (for example, copy and paste it from Notepad to Flex Builder and resave).
SDK-11629 SWC libraries can now declare what metadata the linker should preserve when linking in code from that library. When a library is used to build an application, the application preserves the union of metadata from all the libraries that contributed to the application. You can preserve the metadata by using the -keep-as3-metadata compiler option when compiling a library. The use of -keep-as3-metadata option remains unchanged from the previous release when compiling an application.
SDK-12262 Some embedded SVGs with opacity are blurry. This is an external issue where the SVG transcoder prematurely rasterizes elements with opacity, so Flash Player receives a bitmap instead of vector. Possible workarounds include:
If you do not need runtime scaling, re-encode your image in a non-vector format such as PNG.
Do not use opacity on blurry elements.
If you can import your vectors into the Flash authoring IDE as symbols, you can access the image from the SWF using @Embed.


When dragging and dropping items in a DataGrid with locked rows, items may disappear or become duplicated. These issues will be fixed in the final release.
SDK-11279 Panel only officially supports the "default" borderStyle. If you use an unsupported borderStyle, use padding values or absolute positioning to place your content in the correct place.
SDK-13490 FormItemLabel has been deprecated. If you want the functionality of FormItemLabel, just use a regular Label. The recommended way to style a FormItem label is through the labelStyleName style on FormItem.
SDK-13771 After a context menu has been shown in AIR, buttons and List-classes may experience problems with dealing with rollover/rollout.
SDK-12732 Objects are not garbage collected after an explicit purge.
SDK-10969 ComboBox selection using the mouse does not work on Firefox 1.5 with Flash Player r60.
SDK-12159 DataGrid multiple selection does not work with wmode=opaque in Firefox with Flash Players r16, r28, and r47. It does work with Flash Player r60.
SDK-12155 The dropdownFactory style set in MXML for the DateField control does not get applied. To work around the issue, set the style in an tag or call setStyle() on the creationComplete event of the DateField.
SDK-11469 Line breaks do not work in attribute text. In ActionScript strings use \n for line breaks. In XML text and attribute values, use .
SDK-9452 Filter/sort on HVC is not implemented.
SDK-13552 The Masked TextInput causes a compile error because of some Flex 3 changes to enable versioning. The error is related to adding or getting an IUITextfield. To fix the error, you need to cast the textfield to a DisplayObject. (e.g. addChildAt(embedTextField,getChildIndex(DisplayObject(textField))); )
SDK-873 Launching popups from modules causes a runtime error if you do not import the shared resources in the main application. Add the following two lines to your main Application:
import mx.managers.IPopUpManager;
private var iPopUpManager:IPopUpManager;
SDK-13812 When using an embedded image with scale9Grid as the skin for a Button (or its subclasses), the label and icon positions will be adjusted by the scale9Grid values.
SDK-13807 Items disappear as you drag and drop items into the very last empty node in the Tree. This problem will be fixed in the final release.
Deep Linking

SDK-9632 Currently, deep linking support for Opera is limited. You can copy and paste a URL into Opera and the application should start in the appropriate state, but the URL is not subsequently updated with additional navigation.
SDK-9628 You cannot have a # in the setFragment() method call. It is considered an invalid fragment.
SDK-11349 To use deep linking with multiple SWF files on one HTML page, you must set the JavaScript variable BrowserHistory_multiple and make sure that the URL changes are unique to each individual SWF file.

SDK-9421, SDK-12655, and SDK-12638 In some cases the profiler may not show any back references for loitering objects. This happens mostly for non-heap objects, like String created during ABC decoding. To investigate loitering objects without back references, refer to the allocation trace, which must be enabled via the Launch Dialog.
SDK-13616 Sometimes the profiler may create a project called "Adobe Flex Profiler" in the workspace. This project is used to assist the open source operation in the profiler if the related source files are not already open. It is safe to delete this project after profiling is complete.
SDK-13688 Performance Profiling is not supported on Mac PPC hardware
SDK-11179 If you need to change the browser preference for applications launched from Flex Profiling perspective, the preference should be changed from Windows -> Preferences -> Flex -> Profile -> Browser/Player.
SDK-11131 Concurrent profiling on Mac OS might result in Flash Player crashing.
SDK-13197 Profiler may stop working with an incorrect workspace entry in mm.cfg for PreloadSWF. To workaround this issue, first delete the contents of the mm.cfg file. Next, quit the browser in which your application was running and relaunch FlexBuilder. Finally, create a new workspace with a new project and begin profiling.

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