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December 7, 2007

Flex 3. 0 Best Practices - Slides and Code Examples

I gave a presentation on Flex Best Practices at FOTB 2007 and MAX 2007 Japan. The presentation is fairly high level as providing Best Practices guidance is so very precarious. I provided a warning before giving this presentation which I will repeat here:"Every project targeting Flex is different and thus best practices vary depending on the team involved and the project at hand. I have seen all manner of project practices that work for small teams but fail for larger teams and vice versa. This is my take on Flex Best Practices from having looked at many projects over the past 3 years. In many ways my recommendations should not come as a surprise as these are tenets of classical software development."SLIDES: PDF, SWF, PPTFILES: FXP3 (ZIP FX3 Project - With Flex Builder 3 Beta 2, simply import this project.)

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