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December 7, 2007

Develop Ruby based Flex applications

Your Flex application can retrieve data from a Ruby backend using web services, including SOAP and REST based web services. Simply use the free Flex SDK or Flex Builder to build your Flex application.
You can also transfer objects and other data types directly from Ruby to Flex, and vice versa, over AMF. There are several open source AMF solutions available
WebORB for Ruby from the Midnight Coders.
Ruby and Flex Community
A number of talented companies and individuals are doing some really cool things with Flex and Ruby.
Peter Armstrong is writing a
PDF book titled Flexible Rails.
Derek Wischusen blogs at and is a regular contributor to the Ruby on Rails RIA SDK.
Stuart Eccles blogs about Flex and Rails integration at
Ruby and Flex Jobs
Post and find jobs that require Flex and Ruby knowledge at the
Flex - Rails jobs email list at Google Groups, started and run by Peter Armstrong.

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