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December 17, 2007

DataGrid Search with Highlighted Matches

Today's challenge: Give the user the ability to search a Datagrid and then simply highlight the matching rows in the Datagrid. The first problem was figuring out how to programmatically highlight specific rows in a datagrid, and after some googling I stumbled upon Mike Nimer's blog entry CustomRowColorDataGrid Component. He has basically extended the DataGrid to allow for a way to manipulate row appearance based on data, and he's taken it one step further than other examples by externalizing the function from the custom class. Very cool.

The second part is homegrown. I basically have a Hits Array and I use a cursor to search the DataProvider for matches. Any matched record is added to my Hits array. Then when the CustomRowColorDataGrid calls my rowColorFunction, it checks to see whether the item of the current row is contained within my Hits Array, and passes back the highlighted color.

Here's a link to the sample code. Right click the app to get the source!

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