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December 15, 2007

Channel.Connect.Failed in locally compiled FB App

Just a quick post today. Recently I've had to switch over to building FDS Flex Projects in Flexbuilder that are set to "compile application locally in Flexbuilder". This is just in case the next update to Flex only covers Flex and not FDS - upgrading my fds projects will be so much easier.

Now for the most part things work fine but the other day a fellow coder asked for my help getting a remote object call () working. The call worked fine if he opened the .mxml file but would fail if he opened either the .html wrapper or the .swf directly. Since the only real difference between those two scenarios is where the compilation occurs, I figured it had to be a compile line argument missing from the Flexbuilder project configuration.

In case anyone else runs into this, just make sure your compiler arguments include the -context-root /contextroot parameter... for example this would be -context-root /flex in http://localhost:8700/flex/myApp/main.html

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