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December 7, 2007

Attention .NET + Flex Developers

Following Graeme's lead (I suggest reading his post), I also wanted to write a quick note to Adobe about the importance of .NET Developers...
A long time Coldfusion Developer, due to new employement, I find myself becoming an ASP.NET Developer. While not yet totally sold on the .NET Framework and often finding myself missing the convenience of Coldfusion, that is neither here nor there. The fact of the matter is, my company has too much investment (again, I'm not here to argue for or against this) in .NET to convince a move to Coldfusion. There is however, a void in the presentation of our application. Enter Flex.
From my previous work with Coldfusion and Flash, and having been led/heavily pushed toward Flex by Darron Schall, I'm now so grateful, I've been aware of Flex for quite some time. I waited and waited for Flex Builder 2 to be released. I jumped at the first opprotunity to incorporate it into my current .NET project.
I was met with reistance from co-workers due to them having NO knowledge of Flex.
No problem: I'll just woo them with Examples of Flex being used with .NET.
Problem: I couldn't find any.
Now, luckily, Flex examples, especially anything using the charting components, with a promise that I could utilize our .NET base was enough for me to get a chance, unfortunately, for some, I would guess they'll have to pass on Flex. Also, I started to question, was I tricking myself...was it worth I going to actually be able to do this based on what a couple of blogs say?
The resounding answer is YES! So far, utilizing Flex is wonderful and my company is over joyed seeing some of the things Flex can do. I love working with Flex.
So to answer Matt Chotin's Question: The following is a little wish list, complete with a disclaimer of "Thank you Adobe for all you do. I love being a part of your developer community and I think the work you are currently doing is Fantastic!"
Adobe needs to help us .NET developers. We need to know we are cared for and loved. How about adding some .NET + Flex articles to the Adobe Developer Center. It would be an privaledge to help with something like that, the question is, are you interested Adobe, is there anything like this in the works?
Please educate me on Adobe's stance on Fluorine (a tool that I highly recommend and that I'm using in all my projects). An article endorsing its use would make me feel great moving forward as a "Flex.NET" developer.
All of these things would combine to increasing the number of and the awareness of Flex.NET developers. As a current developer, it would motivate me to continue this amazing ride knowing that as the community grows, so will my demand as a Flex.NET developer rather than worrying about being left behind.
Again, Thank you Adobe for the Fantastic Work!

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