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December 10, 2007

Amazing Digg Tools Collection

Digg is a technology news website that combines social bookmarking, blogging, RSS, and non-hierarchical editorial control. With digg, users submit stories for review, but rather than allow an editor to decide which stories go on the homepage, the users do and thereafter Digg can act as an online traffic generator for your link.

Diggnation is a podcast hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht that serves as a week-in-review of the most popular stories on the website Getting a link promoted on Digg can increase site traffic quickly. I am a regular visitor to Digg, and this is an attempt to combine all Digg tools in one place.

Official Digg Tools
Digg Arc - displays stories, topics, and containers wrapped around a sphere.
Digg BigSpy - places stories at the top of the screen as they are dugg. As new stories are dugg, older stories move down the list.
Digg Stack - shows diggs occuring in real time on up to 100 stories at once.
Digg Swarm - draws a circle for stories as they’re dugg. Diggers swarm around stories, and make them grow.
Digg Clouds - Check the digg queue in Clouds format. The more diggs a story has the larger it appears in the cloud.
Digg Spy v2 - autorefreshing real time view of Digg now with spying all stories, front page stories and queued stories.
Digg Q - Unpromoted digg stories. Similar to DiggSpy.
Digg the Blog - “a means to detail all digg-related news, events, upgrades, feature additions, and much more.”
Digg Widget - Customize and add digg news to your site.
Digg Top Stories - A collection of top stories by day, week, month and year.
Digg Search - advanced search for Digg stories.
Google Coop Module - See Digg articles at the top of your Google search results.
Google IG Module - View recent stories from Digg on your personalized Google homepage.
Digg Buttons & Badges - to add to your site.
Digg API Visualization Contest Finalists
D’Lite is an Apollo application that utilizes Digg’s API to retrieve their data, information, and processes.
Wheel of Upcoming - Displays recently submitted stories in a spiral pattern that a user can rotate using mouse gestures.
DiggMob - A mobile interface for Digg in FlashLite 2.x.
Mini Digg is a small Apollo Digg application that allows users to view stories and see the story activity.
WordWeb analyzes the relationships between popular keywords and the stories they appear within.
DiggCity - shows the 10 newest popular stories. The more popular the story gets, the taller the building.
Digg Exposé - takes snap(.com) shots of pages from Digg and displays them in a configurable view.
Digg Charts - Flex application that generates charts comparing popular stories.
DiggGraphr Desktop - is a desktop application written in Apollo that lets you browse Digg stories in treemaps.
Digg Watch - is a tool that lets users browse Digg and grab interesting information from stories.
Third Party Digg Tools
DiggView - See all latest promoted Digg stories by category on one page.
Rigglations - is a Yahoo! widget that shows the relationships between members of Digg.
Diggthis - this Drupal module adds a Digg this button to your nodes.
DiggAlerts - allows you to setup alerts when other members submit stories you’re interested in.
Digg IRC Bot - reports newly listed front page stories into IRC.
Digg Notify - is an application that pops up a small box in the bottom right hand side of your screen to display number of diggs on your story. It tells you when your story hits front page as well.
PHPDugg - Allows you to run a site on a similar system to
Diggitizer - analyzes the most successful Digg titles and combines this knowledge with your keywords to create the fool-proof title to drive your entry to the very top of digg.
diggth - is a widget set up for reading various RSS feeds.
Digg Anywhere - another mobile optimized digg feed.
mb3Digg - see dugg articles in 3D.
Diggless RSS Feed - a special feed that provides a direct link to the website, bypassing Digg.
Digg Java Mobile - is an mobile extension of Digg. Application works on 790+ devices.
Digg This! - firefox extension adds Digg This! to the right-click menu, Tools menu, and optionally the toolbar.
DiggThumbs - firefox extension adds website screenshot thumbnails to the listings on
Digg Comment Spotlight - firefox extension that highlights comments over a certain threshold (20 by default) for
Jedi Digg - a toolbar docked at the top of your screen which displays the digg front page stories in rotation. You can directly digg the story from this toolbar.
DiggThumbs - a Firefox plugin that adds website screenshot thumbnails to each and every digg listing.
Live Digg Buton Generator - generates the code to copy and paste into your website to make a live digg button.
Digg card - a way of inserting your Profile on to you website.
DiggSig - create your own automatic updating Digg Signature for your website.
Digg Badge - a Sidebar Widgets capable WordPress plugin that displays your Digg profile information on your blog.
DuggMirror - automatically caches the URL of each story submitted to Digg. If a site goes down because of a server overload or for exceeding its bandwidth, you can use the Dugg link to access it.
DiggFiltr - create a custom digg feed in seconds
Diggview - offers an overview of all current popular headlines in the different categories of Digg.
DiggGraph - AJAX application to have a “bird’s eye” look on the digg queue stories and see rapidly which stories are getting up to the front page
Digg Dashboard Widget - gets the latest headlines from every 15 minutes and displays them in a pleasant interface. Compliant with Digg verson 3
Digg Trends - advanced ajax-refreshing Digg mirror page. Access digg trends graph and filter digg links by categories.
Digg SMS - Get the top 5 front page stories sent to your cell phone every few hours
Digg Front - View latest promoted Digg stories by category on one page.
Digg Notifer - notifies you the moment a new story appears on the front page of website.
Diggaz With Attitude - DWA is a program that displays the latest Digg and Google News articles in your taskbar.
Digg Submits - View latest submitted Digg Stories by category on one page
Digg Marquee - generates a marquee with Digg stories to put on their websites.
HotDigg - Live Digg news feed screensaver.
DiggDesk - Read your favorite digg and reddit stories and watch youtube videos right on your desktop.
Digg Search Widget - Search all of Digg’s archives.
DiggBot - is an automated MSN robot whose sole purpose is to alert you (via an MSN instant message) whenever there is a new item posted on the front page of
Digg Friends Checker - Who’s Digg friends’ lists are you on?
DiggLicious - a cool blend of and
Digg Opera Widget - downloads and displays the RSS feed from Digg
DiggIRC - An Unofficial IRC channel on freenode with full digg rss feed syndication.
DiggUpdate - gives you quick access to the front page stories of Digg in your Mac OS X menu-bar.
Digg for PSP - view Digg stories on the PSP web-browser.
Digg RSS Widget - gets the current front page headlines from digg and displays them in a nice little interface.
Digg Sidebar v4 - enable quick navigation of digg links.
Desktop Digg - a Windows Desktop Application that will pull down the newest submitted stories on
Cacheout! - Firefox Extension lets you access articles crashed by digg effect through 3rd party caching services like CoralCDN. Toolbar - Firefox Extension provides toolbar with rss feed reader, digg search and ability to listen to every diggnation podcast.
DiggTray - is a free application which sits in the task tray and notifies you whenever there is a new article on the front page of
Digg vs Dot - highlights the act of crossposting articles among and
DiggTree - a RSS aggregator for
Digg This! - firefox extension adds ‘Digg this’ to the right-click or Tools menu to speed up the submitting stories to Digg
Digg Sidebar - enable quick navigation of digg links
Digg Submit Bookmarklet - quickly submit a link to Digg
PocketDigg - real time headlines from Digg formatted for mobile devices.
Diggnation T-Shirt - buy another Tshirt.
Digg Buttons - Chicklet buttons you can paste in your blog.
Digg Search Plugin - plug-in for firefox that lets you search digg for stories. Digg Group - a collaborative event calendar for Digg users.
Digg Digger - useful Konfabulator widget grabs all the new stories submitted to digg area queue.
Digg Eater - is a RSS news aggregator with some features unique to
Digg Add Mirrors - Greasemonkey script adds mirrors to Digg.
Digg Newstracker for Winbar. Just download and rename the extention to .trk and place in newstrackers in your winbar folder.
Digg Top Stories - Google Desktop Sidebar plugin which displays the ten most recent stories from [download here]
Digg News Widget - gets news via various RSS feeds from
Digg Toolbar - Instant access to digg from any site on the web and get headlines automatically. [mirror]
DiggClone project - is an effort to reproduce the functionality of the popular social bookmarking site [more]
Digg at Cafepress - Tshirts, cups, bags & thongs!
Diggnation - collection of the diggnation episodes.
Diggnation Digging Game - for Diggnation fans looking to add more fun the podcast.
Digg With Diggnation - gives you the latest items from a number of RSS feeds from the Digg website as well as give you the latest audio and video episodes of Diggnation.
Diggnation Widget - lets you know what the latest Audio and Video Diggnation releases are.

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