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December 13, 2007

Adobe Teams With Yahoo For Ads in PDFs - Flex Apps Next?

Adobe and Yahoo have teamed up to allow advertising inside of PDF documents. I can see this being useful for a few applications that publish newsletters and documents in PDFs - similar to how some bloggers (like me) use Google AdSense to monetize HTML content. However, the real value to you and other readers of this blog should be the hope that this might lead to the ability to put ads inside of RIAs.

Currently its extremely difficult (not impossible, but difficult) to monetize an RIA that you've built. You can try what Picnik is doing - adding features available to Premium Members only, but there's no real payment framework available to repeat that for many applications. Meaning you'd have to write your own payment infrastructure and handle all the customer service interactions on your own.

Some people are trying to solve this with AIR applications, but there's no one that I know of working on a solution for in browser Flex applications.

I don't know how developers will monetize the applications that they build in the future, but I do know that its great news that Adobe and Yahoo are working together in some fashion. Here's hoping it doesn't stop at PDFs.

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