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December 13, 2007

Adobe Flex Usage Roundup

There is little doubt that Flex is a critical product for Adobe. Its the language of choice for most Flash applications that I see these days, and used in most of the top AIR applications as well. Its success is critically important to Adobe - not just for developer mindshare but also for the next generation of products that Adobe is building. Here is a list of known products from Adobe that are built with Flex.

Adobe Premiere Express - Used by YouTube, Photobucket and MTV, Premiere Express allows people to do simple editing of movie clips, sounds and photographs.
Photoshop Express - Similar to Premiere Express, Photoshop Express allows people to edit their photos online, in the browser, without having to use a desktop application. Its not yet released, but should be within the next 3 weeks according to previous reports.
Adobe Media Player - This Flex application runs on the desktop via Adobe AIR and aggregates RSS video feeds that play on your computer.
Buzzword - A word processor written by a Virtual Ubiquity, recently acquired by Adobe.
Brio - Just released, its a Flex based version of Acrobat Connect, currently available in beta at Adobe Labs.
Knowhow - A panel in Adobe Illustrator that allows sharing of helpful information for Illustrator users, built with Flex.
Kuler - An online community for colours - it allows users to share colours, rate them, comment on them, and use them in their Creative Suite applications. Illustrator has a Kuler panel available inside the application, written in Flex, like Knowhow.
Share - Allows anyone to share documents that are converted to Flash and display inline other text. Adobe gives users 1 GB of space to store files.
Adobe Document Center - Allows you to share and protect PDF documents.
JamJar - A proof of concept application that shows the power of Flex.
Adobe Digital Editions - A desktop application to manage eBooks.

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